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3-D modelling, 3-D tracking system




a screen, accelerated graphics board, acceptable use policy, access code, access level, access time, acknowledgment, active matrix, ADSL, AGB, agent, AI, alias, allocation, american standard code for information interchange, analog computer, anchor, ancillary equipment, android, animated GIF, annotate, anonymous FTP, anti-virus, API, append, applet, application, application program interface, applications package, archive, archive site, archived file, array, artificial intelligence, artificial life, as soon as possible, ASAP, ASCII, assemble, assembler, assembly, assembly language, assembly program, assessment, asymmetrical digital subscriber line, asynchronous transfer mode, at, ATM, attach, AUP, authentication, authoring language, authoring system, authoring tools, automatic loader, automatic scroller, automatic shutdown, avatar


back up, back-up, backbone, background, background process, background program, backspace, backtrack, backup file, badge, bandwidth, banner, bar code, baseband, batch, batch job, baud, baud rate, BBS, Bcc:, beeper, benchmark test, benchmarking, binary digit, bit, bitmap, bitnet, bits per second, blinking, board, bold, bookmark, boot, bot, bounce, BPS, BPS bits per second, branch, broadband, broadcast, browse, browser, buffer, bug, built-in, built-in fonts, bullet, bulletin board system, bus, business-to-business, business-to-consumer, byte


cache, CAD, Campus Wide Information System, caps, caret, carriage return, cartridge, cassette, Cc:, CD-ROM, CD-ROM drive, CD-ROM reader, CD-ROM recorder, cellular phone, cell phone, censorship, Central Processing Unit, central processing unit, CERN, Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire, CGI, channel, character, character template, chat, chat room, checkbox, chip, clear, click, clickable image map, client, client-server model, clip art, clipboards, Clipper Chip, clipping, clone, CMYK colour, CNI, Coalition for Networked Information, coaxial cable, command, Common Gateway Interface, common gateway interface, communicator, compatible, compile, compiled code, compiler, compress, compression, compute, computer, computer animation, computer graphics, computer paper, computer science, computer vision, Computer-Aided Design, computer-aided design, computer-based learning, computing power, configuration, configure, congestion, conjunction, connect, connector, control panel, convert, cookie, copy and paste, copyleft, free software, copyright, corrupt, counter, CPU, cracker, crash, crawler, crosspost, crypt, cryptography, cryptology, CU-SeeMee, cursor, CWIS, cyber, cybercoffee, cyberculture, cybernaut, cybernetic organism, cybernetics, cyberpunk, cyberspace, cyborg, cybrarian


DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, data, data encryption standard, DES, data highway, data link, data surfer, data traffic, database, datafield, datagram, de-encryption, debug, debugger, decipher, decode, decrypt, dedicated line, default, delete, denial of service - DoS, desktop, desktop computer, desktop publishing, desktop systems, dial up, dialup, digeterati, digerati, digital fingerprint, digitalization, digitalize, digitize, digitizer, directory, disable, disc, disk, discussion group, disk drive, disk driver, disk operating system - DOS, diskette, display, display menu, distributed database, DNS, domain, Domain Name System, domain name system - DNS, dot matrix, dot printer, double click, download, downstream, drag, drag & drop, DRAM, drive lock, driver, drop down list, drop down menu, pop-up menu, dual scan, dummy, Dynamic RAM


e-business, electronic business, e-commerce, electronic commerce, e-mail, e-mail address, e-mail box, e-mail message, electronic mail message, e-mail, email, e-zine, ebone, EDI, electronic art, electronic data interchange, electronic magazine, electronic mail, electronic mall, electronic publishing, electronic storefront, embedded, embedded hyperlink, emoticon, emulator, enable, encapsulated postscript, encode, encrypt, encryption, enhanced mode, enter key, entity, EPS, Ethernet, ethernet, exit, expansion slot, external cache memory, External Command, external database, external hard drive


face-to-face, facsimile, FAQ, FAX, fax, feature, feedback, feeder, fiber optics, field, file, file conversion, file transfer, file transfer protocol, filter, finger, firecable, firewall, flame, flame war, flat fare, flat panel touch screen, floppy disk, disquete, flowchart, folder, font, footnote, for your information, foreground, format, forum, forward, FQDN, frame, frame grabber, frame relay, freenet, freeware, frequently asked questions, FTF, FTP, fully qualified domain name, fuzzy logic, FYI


gate, gateway, General Packet Radio Service, General Public License, GIF, GII, global, global information infrastructure, Global System for Mobile Communication, Global Time, global village, global-local, globalization, GPL, GPRS, grafical user interface, graph, graphic accelerator, graphic data processing, graphic display, graphical user interface, graphics, Graphics Interchange Format, grayscale, greyscale, grid, groupware, grrl, GSM, GT, GUI, guru


hack, hacker, handle, harddisk, hardware, hardwired, head-mounted display, header, hi-fi, high resolution, high-end, hi-end, high-tech, hi-tech, highlight, hit, hoax, home key, home page, hop, host, host address, host name, host number, host system, hot head, hotlist, HTML, HTTP, hub, hyperlink, hypermedia, hypertext, Hypertext Markup Language, Hypertext Transfer Protocol


IAB, IANA, IAP, ICAAN, icon, image, IMHO, IMO, in my humble opinion, in my opinion, indent, indent, indentation, infoaddict, information packet, information society, information superhighway, initialize, ink, inkjet printer, inline image, input, insert, install, Integrated Services Digital Network, intelligent agent, interface, International Standards Organization, International Telecommunications Union, internaut, Internet, Internet Access Provider, Internet address, Internet Architecture Board, Internet Assigned Number Authority, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Internet Explorer, Internet number, Internet phone, Internet Protocol, Internet Relay Chat, Internet Service Provider, Internet service provider, Internet Society, Internet systems administrator, interoperability, intranet, IP, IP address, IP number, IRC, ISDN, ISO, ISOC, ISP, italics, ITU


jam, Java, Java Server Page, JavaScript, jet lag, Joint Photographic Experts Group, joy stick, JPEG, JPG, JSP, jumper, junk mail, justify


kbps, key, key in, key punch, keyboard, keystroke, keyword, kilobits per second, knowbot, knowledge base, knowledge based


LAN, laptop, laser printer, launch program, leased line, link, link-edit, linkage editor, linker, list server, listserv, load, loader, local area network, local node, locator, log, log file, log in, log off, log on, loop, lossless compression, lossy compression, lurker, lurking


magnetic disk, mail gateway, mail reflector, mail server, mail-merging, mailing list, malware, map, markup, master boot record, master file, match, matching, mbone, mbps, media, media art, medium, megabit, megabits per second, megabyte, meme, memory, memory chip, menu, merge, message switching, microchip, Millennium bug, MIME, mirror, mnemonic, mobile business, mobile phone, modem, moderated mailing-list, moderator, monitor, MOO, motherboard, Motion Picture Experts Group, mouse, mouse button, mouse pad, MPEG, MUD, multi-access system, Multi-User Dungeon or Dimension, multi-user system, multicast, multicasting, multichannel, multimedia, multiprocessor, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, multitasking


National Center for Supercomputing Applications, navigate, NCSA, nest, Net, net nanny, net surfing, netiquette, netizen, network, network computer, network computing, networking, neural network, newbie, newsgroups, Nick, nickname, node, notebook computer


object-oriented, octet, offline, online, online help, Open Systems Interconnection, operating system, optic disk, optic fiber, optical drive, option key, OSI, output


P2P, packet, Packet Internet Groper, packet switching, page, parallel port, parallel processor, password, paste, path, pattern recognition, Pay-Per-View, PC, PDA, PDF, Peer-to-Peer, PERL, Personal Computer, Personal Digital Assistant, personal page, PGP, PICS, picture, PING, pitch, pixel, platform, Platform for Internet Content Selection, playback, plotter, plug and play, plug-ins, Point of Presence, Point-to-Point Protocol, pointcasting, pointer, POP, PoP, pop-up menu, port, Portable Document Format, portal, post, Post Office Protocol, postmaster, pound key, power, PPP, PPV, Practical Extraction and Report Language, preemptive multitasking, preferences, Pretty Good Privacy, preview, previewer, print, printer, printout, processor, program, programming language, prompt, protocol, prototype, proxy, public domain, pull-down menu, push media


QoS, Quality of Service, queue, quit


radio button, RAM, Ramdom Access Memory, Read-Only Memory, real time, real time chat, reboot, refresh, refresh rate, reload, remote computer, remote login, removable hard drive, removable media, remove, render, Request For Comment, RFC, RGB colour, right click, robot, ROM, route, router, run


sampling, save, scalable, scan, scanner, screen, screen saver, scroll, scrollbar, search engine, select, send, Serial Line IP, server, set up, setup, SGML, shading, shareware, shift key, shut down, shutdown, signature, signature file, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, site, SLIP, smiley, SMTP, snail mail, software, software developer, sort, soundcard, source program, spam, specs, spider, split screen, split window, spreadsheet, stacks, stand-by, standard, Standard Generalized Markup Language, standard memory, start up, startup, storage, streaming media, stub network, subnet, supersearch, surf, surfer, switch, sysop, system, systems program


tab, tag, tap into, TCP/IP, techno-elite, telco, telecom, telecommunications, telnet, template, texture, texture mapping, thread, thumbnail, toner, toolbar, traceability, trackball, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, type, typeface


undelete, under construction, undo, unicast, Uniform Resource Locator, Universal Time Coordinated, update, upgrade, upload, upstream, URL, username, UTC, utility, uudecode, uuencode


vaporware, video, video camera, video cassette, video conference, video game, video library, Video RAM, video tape, video-on-demand, videotext, view, viewer, virtual art, virtual circuit, virtual memory, virtual reality, Virtual Reality Modeling Languaje, virus, voice recognition, voicemail, VRAM, VRML


W3, WAN, Web, web, web cam, web page, web pages, web site, webmaster, webtop, What You See Is What You Get, what's new, Wide Area Network, window, wired, wireframe, With Respect To, word processer, word processing, word wrap, worksheet, workstation, World Wide Web, worm, wraparound, WRT, WWW, WYSIWYG


XCMD, Xobject


yellow pages


zap, zip, zipped, zoom, zoom in

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